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Kangoo Jumps shoes KJ XR3 Rebound Boots in Black

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Liner Power Shoe (pair)
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The Kangoo Jumps shoes KJ XR3 Rebound Boots in Black model is our standard model with our Patented Impact Protection System, durable plastic shells, and non slip soles. is a high quality hard shell boot with a comfortable, breathable machine washable liner which adapts to 3 sizes, to allow foot growth. The revolutionary concept of Kangoo Jumps shoes allows total freedom of movement. Easily transportable, they are usually referred to as a gym in a bag, as they satisfy all requirements for a full body workout making training fun and enjoyable. This versatile high-quality Swiss designed Rebound Boots are easy to use for anybody, anywhere, anytime and for any fitness level.
Color: Black
Binding: Sports
- Fun for all ages!
- Patented Impact Protection System (IPS)
- Reduces the impact on muscles & joints by up to 80%
- Full body workout
- Weight limit: up to 200lbs
- better performance
- increased comfort
- new customizing possibilities
- a longer life span
- a 2 way safety feature with a locking system
- it has a durable hard shell boot with a comfortable, removable liner which can be machine washed.

Customer Reviews

The best money I've ever spent! Review by A. Saltz
I absolutely love these!!!! It's a very fun effective workout! You sweat and dont care, because it is that fun! This is my first day using them. I have vertigo, so balancing is usually a challenge, but after a few minutes I was bouncing with no problem. I went ahead and cut the middle band(this is in the instructions if you want more bounce) and was immediately happier with the shoes. I'm a size 6.5 to 7 in women's shoes and ordered a small and they fit perfectly. If you want a fun workout that you won't easily get bored with, this is it! (Posted on 7/10/2020)
Pain free running at last! Review by Wanda McKenna
I purchased a pair of these after experiencing heel pain in one foot to the point that i could no longer run. Tried em on and jumped around in the house a bit and then immediately went outside even though they advise you to do 2 15 minute sessions inside first. Within minutes I was running up and down the sidewalk. The bouncy feeling while running is fantastic! It feels so awesome! The next night I ran/walked for 3 miles and again my heel did not hurt! I am SO sold on these.I'm glad I saw em on a TV news story cause I had never seen or heard of them before. I'm trying to spread the word to all my running friends. Even if my heel gets better I will still use these as the impact on all joints is so much less it's hard to believe until you actually try them 1st hand! (Posted on 7/8/2020)
Love 'em! Review by House of Furballs
I LOVE my Kangoo Jumps! I bought them from a reseller here in the US affiliated with the company that also teaches classes, so I could try them out first. They showed me that they needed to be strapped on snug but not so tight as to cut off circulation. You should wear long socks to protect your shins. Keep your core muscles tight and and your shoulders over your hips. They are a BLAST and and excellent workout. Kind of loud using them in my living room, and it scares the heck out of my cats. I looked online and bought a few videos from kangoojumps.com. I especially love the Latino one, it's so much fun. The website has problems, though, sometimes I can't get to it, I hope they fix that soon. I presume it's in Spain, where the manufacturer resides. (Posted on 7/8/2020)
Bounce Back to Your Life Review by T K Vaugh
I use Kangoo Jumps shoes KJ XR3 Rebound Boots in Black more in the winter to go running in. They make it so much more enjoyable. I normally can't run on the pavement because of knee/back issues, but with these I can. In fact, Kangoo Jumps work much better on hard surfaces. There's also workout videos you can do at home with them, but I just like running around in them. (Posted on 4/28/2020)
If You Want a Fun, Intense, Outside Workout, These are for You Review by Libby Ann
Super fun and easy to use Kangoo Jumps shoes KJ XR3 Rebound Boots in Black! A little heavy but that could add to the workout. I suggest safety gear (knee pads, elbow pads, helmet) because you get a little unbalanced if you are moving quickly. Its a shame they're so expensive because I think a lot of people would enjoy these. As long as you don't mind people staring at you because you're a foot taller and striding like a gazelle in weird "ski boots" you will have a great time! I had to change the bands a little faster than I expected, but the shoes are awesome!!!...I take a bounce class 2 times a week and I’m seeing the inches melt!!!... (Posted on 4/28/2020)

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